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Ms. Desta excels at utilizing technology and marketing strategies. 10+ years as an Educator & Sales Professional contributed to her success the past 5+ years as a Workforce Development Professional and Graphic Designer. Her work ethic and passion for what she does resulted in maintaining two careers. Her strengths are in communications, presentations, research and online presence management.

Fully cognizant of the power of the written word and the target audience, Ms. Desta has a strong command of the English language. She allows her natural and trained sales abilities to shine in the way she markets other people.

  • Certified Wix Webmaster

  • WixLounge (NYC HQ) Member

  • WixLounge Community Curator

  • Wix Arena Online Marketplace Expert

  • Wix Alpha & Beta User

  • Wix Developer's User Feedback 

  • 8+ Years Experience with Wix


Wix Expert Designer  / Wix
Freelance Recruiter / Indeed
Developer  / Amazon Web Services
Training Participant   / Galvanize
Member / Forbes Coaches Council
Executive Attendee  / NYC Tech Week
Career Trainer-Education Specialist  / NYC Career Center
Employability Skills Instructor  / CareerSource
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